PVC ceiling profile – the foundation

Features of installation under the ceiling – what should be foreseen in advance, what materials and solutions to apply for this

Quite often when installing a PVC profile under the ceiling, a situation arises when the screws do not stick in the plaster and fall out of it if subjected to a small effort.

Savvy installers of course found a solution – when two self-tapping screws are cross-threaded into one PVC mounting hole. This approach solves the problem in a number of situations, but not always. What can be done …

Depending on the constructive solution, when the walls are sheathed with gypsum plasterboard, it is possible to foresee mortgages in advance. Under the ceiling where the PVC ceiling profile will be mounted. It should lay the wooden or plywood yards around the perimeter. Or ceiling profile of a suitable section.

If such a solution is not possible then double drywall should be used, and if such an option is not possible, it should be fixed with self-tapping screws more often those drywall places where the ceiling profile will lie.

The above option with reyam mortgages most reliable because it avoids the situation when the drywall exfoliates and the design begins to sag after a certain time.

Struts from the ceiling that are now fashionable to use solve the problem, but the installation process becomes more time consuming and expensive. In addition, it is difficult to predict in advance exactly where the ceiling struts are needed to fix the PVC profile.

This is our recommendation recommendation for you, decide in advance how to constructively approach the installation of the ceiling baguette.