PVC baguette preparation for installation

Equipment and required actions before installing the stretch ceiling that you need to know

Before installing the stretch ceiling, you must prepare a certain set of tools and materials, namely?

Baguette PVC must either be available or already attached to the wall around the perimeter where the stretch ceiling will be installed.

• Roulette
• pencil
• hammer
• file
• perforator with vacuum cleaner
• screwdriver
• gloves available
• fastener holder on hand
• putty knife
• hacksaw for metal pliers
• stepladder
• laser cushion with fastener bar
• suspensions for ceiling curtains (crocodiles)
• propane tank
• gas heat gun

Installation of stretch ceiling – we expose the oseprostroitel to the desired height of the canvas. Usually the height is chosen by the customer, but there are two conditions.

– The height of the laser from the ceiling should be at least 5 centimeters, a smaller gap hinders the work of the punch. This is exactly where the PVC baguette goes around the perimeter.

– Secondly, the height of the laser should be 1 centimeter lower than any of the protruding structures on the ceiling, for example, an installation-soldering electrical box. Marking can be done without a telescopic rod.

To do this, you need a laser camber that will keep your partner on the wall. And you will be circling at this time a laser beam around the perimeter of the room. Where PVC baguette will be installed for fixing the stretch ceiling.

The important point you should have on your hands is a drawing with various kinds of electrical and other communications, so that when you install a PVC baguette, you would not get into any route.