Installation of PVC baguette

Preparatory actions and tools for mounting to the walls of the PVC baguette room, including those with an uneven surface due to the elasticity of the profile used

How the markup is completed proceed to the installation of a baguette. External corners if there is a measure with a tape measure, transfer the measurement to PVC baguette.

Then we cut a PVC baguette with the length we need with a hacksaw. All incised edges are treated with a file so that there would be no burrs. This is necessary for the preservation of the stretch ceiling fabric.

Then we expose and fix the PVC bag around the perimeter of the walls. To do this, we use laser marking, then we take a punch with a vacuum cleaner, for example, from a Bosch professional series.

We drill holes in the wall in the places of fastening of the baguette for planting dowels. We use screws for mounting the PVC baguette and tighten them with a screwdriver. We continue to work indoors in the same way until the entire perimeter is mastered.

We pay special attention to the joints; they should be practically seamless and without displacement.

Features of mounting a PVC baguette in the event that it is impossible to attach a baguette to the wall traditionally we do the following. At a distance of about 10 to 15 centimeters from the place where the baguette is attached to the wall, we make a hole in the ceiling with a small baguette cut.

Then on the one hand we make a hole in this piece of baguette. Fasten it to the ceiling with a dowel so that its second segment would be tight against the baguette around the perimeter where it is not possible to fix the dowel as standard. After the installation of the baguette, you can proceed to the installation of platforms for chandeliers.