How to install a stretch ceiling?

Consider the most common errors when working with canvas stretch ceiling

The first common mistake of not quite experienced installers is overheating of the PVC film. It is not permissible at the time of installation of the stretch ceiling to touch the heat gun material.

Or bring it close. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the heating temperature, it should not exceed 60 – 70 degrees. When overheating, it is possible to melt the web and form holes, the appearance of glossy strips on the matte material.

To avoid such moments, you need to warm up in advance the entire room where the installation of the stretch ceiling will take place, and then all the material, the heat gun must be installed at a distance of at least one meter from the heated surface.

The second mistake when working with a stretch ceiling is the formation of folds and wrinkles. Causes, the ceiling was measured incorrectly for harpoon installation.

If the measurement is not correct, wrinkles and wrinkles may appear in the corners at the places of installation of the column covers. To avoid such a problem, you need to accurately measure all the corners of the pattern. Measure all the necessary diagonals several times.

Moreover, folds and wrinkles may appear as a result of improper installation of PVC film. If the canvas is not stretched diagonally, but in a circle, the material is not stretched evenly, but is shifted to one side.

Consequently, folds may form in the corner. If this happens, you need to remove the fabric from the corner and try to stretch it evenly in both directions. Installing suspended ceilings where possible, better diagonally.

Third, melting fabric from heating elements; during installation, lighting devices and other heating elements must be insulated from the heated surface by special term rings, they remove heat and serve as therma insulators.

Particular care should be taken to isolate chimneys and heating pipes. Otherwise, a few months after the installation, reflowings may appear, as well as the appearance of yellow or gray spots on the stretch ceiling.